You’re Not Alone

Recently, I was asked if I’m okay with being sad, as it’s not an emotion I display often. No one had ever asked me a question like this before and after a couple of seconds of letting it sink in I replied, “What have I got to be sad about?”. I have a roof over my head, food, water, a job I love and I’m surrounded by people who care about me. These things may seem simple, however not everyone in this world could say they have them.


To be happy all the time would not be possible so naturally, I have my moments when I am down. A question that keeps me up at night is what if it doesn’t all work out? Just like you would at times in your life, I worry about what happens next and if I am making the right decision. You know what the good news is though? We are not alone. Most of us are just trying to get through the day, hoping for the best.

Despite my feelings, I have to tell myself that it will all be okay in the end. While it’s true many of life’s ups and downs are out of our control, it’s also true that we can choose to enjoy the ride. The more outgoing, relaxed, and open people are the more likely they are to encounter new opportunities and to recognise them when they present themselves.


A saying that I use a lot is ‘life goes on’. At some point, things won’t work out the way we imagined they would, people close to us will let us down and we might find ourselves wondering why we put in the effort we did in the first place. We can dwell on all the things that didn’t work out or we can accept that life goes on and just move on.


No one should be embarrassed about the emotions they are experiencing because to really live is to allow yourself to feel exactly the way you are feeling. There have been times in my life when all I want is to keep my heart safe and will even build up walls to protect it. And this is okay, because this is the way I am feeling. And like all feelings, this too will pass.


What I’ve learned from life so far is that for every inch of sadness lies a foot of happiness ahead. I’ve learned that the simplest of times brings the grandest of pleasures and that the hardest goodbyes often lead to the best hellos. I’ve learned that crazy chances guide us to unexpected discoveries and that the tough times unveil the sincerity in people. I’ve learned that you have to hold onto your smile everyday and free yourself of that frown.

I will always have a strong focus on my journey of happiness, however I definitely have my days that don’t go as planned and I’m okay with that. The best thing we can remember to do is take each day as it comes and sometimes pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

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